Tigers News · Spring Sports Athletics Update

Schedule Alert:
From the OHSAA, we will be canceling all practices and contests starting Monday March 16th through Sunday April 5th. On April 6th we will resume practices. and on April 9th we will resume contests for HS softball and baseball and JH and HS Track. This means that teams will be allowed to practice Monday after school, but after that they are done. This includes football weight training after school Monday.

Also postponed or canceled:
*Monday’s Softball Scrimmage at Minster is canceled
*Basketball/Swimming Awards Recognition on Tuesday March 17th ( A later date will be set once we resume school).
*Spring Sports Picture day scheduled for March 18th will happen once we resume practice and set up a date with Mr. Stockton.

Any other questions or issues email the athletic department or contact your coach for further information. Please be patient with us as this is an unprecedented event and we are handling it the best way we know how within the parameters the OHSAA has given us.